NEWS 2003

21/10/03: Ok dudes... we have something heavy and new about hellboy... (not really new if you browsed the HB forums lately). A crazy swedish guy made something damn cool. Check this out in Quick Time or in Divx format ! Enjoy the red guy !

13/09/03: Nothing new about the website itself, but I created my "personal" home page. You can find it here. It's only in french, but the browsing system is in english if you want to take a look =). Have a nice day !

08/09/03: I added a little B&W Abe in the gallery. Some more  links added and more to come ^^;.

03/09/03: Update-mania ! This time I just changed the browsing menu. Hope you'll like it !

31/08/03: Just a little line to say I updated the links pages too. Nothing much about Hellboy but some nice little things !

30/08/03 bis: Another update, less than 24 hoursafter the previous one...I added 2 new sketches as one B/W drawing in the gallery. Hope you'll like them ! Do not hesitate giving me your opinion !

30/08/03: Summer's almost over.. and really time to  put some new things online... The gallery has now some new B/W and sketches, with another collab work between me and Zi from Enjoy it !

20/04/03: Happy Easter day, and do not eat too much chocolate ! Nothing much new here. I updated a little my profile page. More to come soon !

13/04/03: Here comes a little update. I changed the opening screen. hope you'll like it ! I hope to make something good pretty soon to put it online. And the great news is: "I recieved my copy of the Art of HB", and as scheduled, it's a masterpiece, yeah ! Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates. If you have some time to lose, feel free to check my other websites I've been working a little on lately. Have fun !

28/02/03: Time has come for a bit bigger update: the gallery now contains 3 more colored fanarts, a b/w one and a sketch. My friend Zi from made a very nice work on my last sketches of Hellboy and Johann, and I hope you'll like them. As always, do not hesitate commenting and suggest things for new fanarts !

21/02/03: Here is a new colored fanart by my friend Zi from He made a great work on a simple sketch. Hope you'll like it ! Feel free to comment !

16/02/03: Yeah! Just a little post to thank you for visiting this website that reeached 1000 hits last week ! Thank you again !

06/02/03: After one month away from the website, I'm back with some news. As you could see, I changed the splash screen for Valentine Day. The gallery contains some news (color and b/w) mainly with the old splash screen. Hope this year started pretty well for all of you. Don't forget to get your copy of the bprd trade paper back, it arrived today here ! See you soon !

01/01/03: Hey Hey Hey ! Best wishes for 2003 ! I hope this year year will all bring you all you want, and moreover many Hellboy comics !

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