News 2002:

24/12/02: Ho ! Ho ! Ho ! This is the classic oldy but goody Xmas post. As you maybe could see, I changed the opening picture. Hope you'll like it and I wish you a merry Xmas and a Happy new year !!!

14/12/02: Some little changes for the browsing system. Now it can be called "Pop-ups !". Hope you'll like it !

13/12/02: I updated my links page today. If you want to make a link exchange, do not hesitate contacting me. For now there are some nice things to see, on many japanese websites. Enjoy !

09/12/02: Another day, another update ! Today I'm adding a new colored fanart from "Conqueror Worm". The black/white version was already online but I did not have time to color it before. Enjoy !

08/12/02: No news about the site but a great news for Hellboy fans. This month, the Previews magazine has announced the release of the "Art of Hellboy" hardcover edition... I scanned the cover and the details page... =>

04/12/02: Here is the promised update. I corrected and added some news links. The gallery has now two news colored fanarts. One is from me using open canvas, and the other is a modified pic from the Hellboy bust I recieved from Zi for my birthday. To know more about this last creation, I made a page to see a "making of" all this. I'm still thinking about making some strips/comics about hellboy but I really have no time for this now...

30/11/02: For the news today... I just wanted to say I'm currently working on another little website about the little comic I drew last october to be presented for the Cartoonist convention in Paris last month. You can already check this address, I'm adding things one after the other. For the Hellboy news, I'll add pictures of an original bust of the Red Guy I recieved for my birthday from my friend Zi from He made a great job on it, and he'll try to make more if possible !

25/11/02: After a long time away from keyboard, Hellboy is back on three colored fanarts, three black and white pictures and a sketch ! Hope you'll like the new things. I'll try to color more things but I don't have much time to do this.. See you soon !

18/10/02: Hellboy french readers are lucky! Delcourt has finally published the "Conqueror Worm" tpb hardcover ! The edition is quite nice and it even contains the sketchbook and the conclusion ! Another great news from today ! A new 8 parts comic book series based on the red guy and the B.P.R.D staff !! Sorry, I won't post new fanarts for some time cause of many many things to do !!!

13/10/02: A new little colored fanart featuring the red guy ! I need time to color the others but I'm kind of busy for now with other things.... I'll try to add more soon.... Enjoy it !

09/10/02: Yeah ! 500 hits ! Thank you very much for visiting this website. Sorry for the lack of updates this month. I still need to color some red guys i've inked last days. They'll be online in a while, crocodile ! Do not hesitate sending me your ideas of hellboy or any bprd members fanarts !

15/09/02: One colored fanart added in the gallery ! Hope u'll like it...

13/09/02: Little update tonight. with some new things added in my profile page (nothing very scandalous nor hot). Just to say too that the second part of "The Third Wish" was released and as always it's a piece of art. I'll add more things next days....

24/08/02: Some news ! I've just put online 2 new colored fanarts from the red guy and a sketch featuring Abraham sapiens. I've changed a little the buttons and the thumbs ordering too... I'll try to change some more things to make the site easier to visit. Hope U'll like it. Feel free to comment my art !

18/08/02: I've finally changed this opening picture... I could not stand the old one anymore.... I'll maybe draw some more hell-things soon... I'm damn busy lately. For the latest news from Hellboy, just go to, where u'll see the first flash teaser of the Hellboy movie ! there is an interview from the San Diego convention featuring Del Toro, Pearlman and Mr Mignola about the upcoming project. I tweaked the teaser to make a wallpaper with the "poster"... just click on the resolution you want to get it: (800x600) (1024x768) (1152x864) (1280 not available)

08/08/02: I finally have some time to give some news... I'm finally back home after great holidays overseas. Anyway... I am not adding things for now. I'll show some little things I found instead (related to Mr. Mignola of course), just click on the thumbs on the right. I'll have some more time to draw the red guy..... Keep tuned to have some things soon...

20/06/02: Big update ! 6 colored fanarts added including some Abe Sapiens drawings... Hope u'll like them.. I'll be away from keyboard for the holidays and next updates may not occur before the end of july. I guess i'll have some stuff to post then.... anyway.. just to tell you that if you want to see some Mignola stuff look at the Blade 2 site...You'll find some design works... Do not miss the end of BPRD released this month, the beginning of the new HB 2 parts series "The third wish" to come in july and august, just like the HB source book ! Thank you for your support, Sorry for the lack of updates for now, you can still contact me by email => here <=.

10/06/02: After some days away from keyboard.. I added a new sketch and a b/w fanart of Abe to change a little from the red guy.... Two more colored fanart too... they're collabs between me (original sketch) and Zi from (color). We'll have more to show soon. I'm trying to work on a little comic strip... it'll come soon too... Thank you again for your messages in the guestbook !

27/05/02: Another little update.... the links are now active and the banner is also available if someone wants to link me... Feel free to do it !

26/05/02: Some things added today... Two more colored fanarts. I've started "working" on some more drawings.. they'll come in a while...

22/05/02: Small update today, the guestbook is now available, feel free to leave a commment about this website ! The next step is the links page.. I've already put some and more will come. All the links will be working too ^^;

20/05/02: Grand opening... I've finished the main browsing system and added some missing fanarts. I still need to add some stuff but it'll be like this for a moment. More fanarts to come very soon....

12/05/02: I've uploaded the splash screen and some of the files. I still need to solve some frame problems. More to come soon when I'll have more free time....

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